Processes & technologies come and go, but sustainable, successful change must center on its lifeblood — the people. T2T provides strategic change leadership consulting for companies to ensure that all of the critical bases are covered ... before it’s too late.


Some examples of missed opportunities: 


Your leadership team has been working on the upcoming merger for months. How successful will it be if the middle managers and frontline folks are not engaged, and the resulting outcome doesn’t match the original “plan”?

Despite multiple approaches to grow profit, the company is still struggling. You’ve made the hard decision to downsize and to redistribute the workforce into various departments over the next 6+ months. How do you ensure the best employees will stay? 



It’s finally time to replace your management software infrastructure. Managing the technology and the process requirements is extensively covered. But are there experts with laser-focus on the people-side of this important change?



The #1 obstacle to success for major change projects is the ineffective management of the people side of     the change.

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Tracey excels at leading change. She helps others to understand the company’s vision and objectives, anticipate and respond quickly to the needs of the business, and then to have the courage needed to make the changes that will improve the organization, increase shareholder value and enhance customer experience.  

                                                           Valerie S. VP Atlanta