During a tumultuous career transition, Tracey's guidance, experience, authenticity and ability to listen brought clarity and confidence, even during those days I was most uncertain of a path forward. And like any good coach, Tracey never gave me the answer - she dedicated herself to helping me find it for myself.   

                                                               Chris S  VP   Atlanta

Improved self-confidence (80%), relationships (73%) and life/work balance (67%) are major outcomes of one-on-one coaching.

You’ve had a successful career but it’s time to take a step back. You aren’t ready to completely retire and now the world is your oyster. But how do you go about choosing what is right for you now?


You love your job but you can’t seem to get ahead of the work. No matter what you try, you always work late or on the weekends. What can you do to get some work/life balance back so you don’t burn out?


You’ve gotten a job with a new firm – and you are so excited! What’s the best way to learn the ropes and establish your reputation without revealing your trepidation or displaying any lack of confidence?


The biggest changes in life are often hard to do by yourself. T2T provides professional and personal coaching to support your development and growth in areas that deliver positive, sustainable change.


Just a few areas of “evolution”:




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