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Poorly managed work groups are, on average, 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable than well-managed ones.

Gallup Report 2012

Tracey is a dynamic leader who always inspired our group to results beyond our expectations. She led us to both transformational and operational excellence, yielding a business that grew from $0 to over $1 billion in four years.       I would follow, lead, or partner with her anywhere. 


                                                   Ken S. Director New Jersey

Your team enjoys working together, but when it comes to partnering with other departments they are not as effective. Why is there such a difference in operating approaches and outcomes?


You hate driving in all that traffic every day to get to work, so the new virtual office policy is fabulous! But how do you stay connected with your peers and help your team remain focused and productive?


You’ve had your eye on a specific high-potential employee for an upcoming promotion. His results have been great and the senior leaders really like him; but lately, you’ve heard rumblings that he isn’t respected by his peers or his team. Now what?


Lack of alignment, employee engagement and clear communication are key de-railers for many teams. T2T provides consulting, facilitation and/or coaching to help leaders and managers obtain optimal team performance and deliver outstanding results.


A couple of common dilemmas:




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